About Ghada Boulos

ג'אדה בולוס

The Beginning


I was born in Nazareth to a Greek Catholic family. At the age of four months, I was baptized into the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, and I received my first communion in that church at the age of eight. I completed my elementary school studies at Saint Joseph's School in Nazareth, and my high school studies at the Salvatorian Sisters School in Nazareth.


At the age of 18, I joined the Salvatorian Sisters congregation in Nazareth as a postulant. After about a year of preparation, I was sent to Austria. There, however, I decided that my way was to live in the world and build human and cultural bridges between people.


I believe in music as a tool of inner peace, which also radiates peace to others. Accordingly, I have been a member of the Nazareth Municipal Choir for four years. My tours and lectures are accompanied by singing whenever possible.


ג'אדה בולוס

Academic Studies


In 1997, after years of working in various jobs, I began my academic studies at Haifa University, in the Departments of Biblical Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies.


In the course of my university education, I acquired considerable knowledge of humankind. I sought out this knowledge in each course I took, learning to recognize the potter’s fingerprints on clay vessels and to see the soul of the creative artist in each work of art and each decoration. The Department of Land of Israel Studies enriched my knowledge of my native country.


 More importantly, however, I again sought out all there was to learn of humankind in the Land of Israel and was fascinated by the profusion of beliefs and ceremonies. .


 While enrolled in the Department of Land of Israel Studies, I was awarded a Certificate of Excellence as an outstanding student in the Department. My quest for knowledge of humankind and my interest in human and material culture and accompanied me in all of my professional dealings. .


In 2001, I completed my training as a registered tour guide at the Haifa University School of Tourism. I am currently enrolled in graduate studies in the Department of Religious Science.





I began my journey of volunteering in 1995, and it is still going on today. Initially, I volunteered at the Annunciation Library in the distressed Market Quarter of Nazareth. My work principally involved raising funds and planning activities for the children and adolescents who attended the library.


During that year, I began to participate in a course held by the Rape and Violence Crisis Center. I subsequently studied in another course, both of which trained me in assistance and support on emergency lines, and community advocacy in matters related to the struggle against violence.


In addition, I am actively involved in women's organizations in Haifa and in Doctors for Human Rights.


Throughout the last year, I have endeavored to increase my awareness of ecological subjects and preservation of the environment, through professional studies and involvement in the struggles by the various organizations in this area, and I have applied the insights thus gained to my tours.


My Tours


I began working as a tour guide about 10 years ago. My guiding focuses on human beings, their beliefs, their material and spiritual culture, traditions and customs. Most of my tours are focused on the Christian religion, the history and ritual of the various rites and ethnic communities in Nazareth.
Moreover, the tours emphasize the bridges between the profusion of beliefs in Israel and the surrounding countries, as well as the special and unique nature of each belief.
More recently, I have been emphasizing the traditions and customs of the various ethnic communities in Israel through stories and the use of ritual implements and visits to sites.


I guide in English, Hebrew and Arabic. I have at my disposal a public address system intended for groups of up to 150 persons (this does not include an individual instrument for each participant).


Who do I Tour with?


I tour with private groups as well as for various organizations and institutions: the Avshalom Institute for Homeland Study, the Open University of Israel, the Israel Society for the Protection of Nature, academic chairs throughout Israel, the Ministry of Tourism and the Schools of Tourism, and many others. I work with organized groups, families including children, and individuals. I also guide pilgrims from all over the world in English.


My Credo


In my guiding, I have chosen to build bridges from myself to that which is special in humankind. In an era which fosters separatism and incites conflicts, I choose to focus on cohesion and harmony. My faith is rooted in the belief that, by training myself to inner peace, I can connect to others even in times of struggle and conflict, in order to build bridges of peace.


My guiding is centered on humans and humanity. Harmony with the environment and preservation of its resources are important elements in my work. I love stories and use them, along with song, humor and theater, to extend a hand to others in my tours and lectures.


Contact Information:

Ghada Boulos
Certified tour guide / Certified tour leader
Tours in Israel and Abroad
ghada boulos
Mobile: 972 (0)54 - 5717774
E-mail: boulosghada@gmail.com


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